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We attend many shows and events, and give talks and lectures throughout the country and abroad. Please check our Events page for further details.
We use a unique imaging system called Winaura 6.2 which shows the colours of an aura around a person in real time. You simply sit in front of the screen, place your hand on the hand plate and your aura is displayed in front of you.

The image is not static and is fascinating to watch as it changes in relation to your emotional, mental or physical fluctuations. We can produce an aura photograph and printout analysis of the aura colours, as well as providing a personal reading tailored to your individual requirements.
Aura Photo Clinic is using the Winaura 6.2. This self-contained system is Comprehensive yet simple to set-up and operate. The person places their hand on the aura biofeedback hand plate and immediately the world of aura colours can be explored. Winaura can produce aura photographs also printout analysis of the aura colours in a variety of languages and display modes including Portrait, Seven Chakra and Winstar view. Fully installed and tested on one of the latest portable computer systems.