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Through Colour

Aura Photo Clinic is one of the UK ‘s leading Aura Specialists. Aura photography gives everyone the opportunity to see their own aura. Our aim is to spread knowledge and understanding about the significance of the aura and its importance to health and well-being in our daily life.

We photograph and read the aura using our Winaura system which allows you to see your aura live on screen and then provides you with an aura photo. The process is really simple as well as safe and the results are quite astounding.

Aura Photo Clinic is based in 65 London Wall, Health in the City, city of London. We offer a wide range of treatments for Mind Body and Spirit. We offer very special treatments like Life Alignment, Vortex Alignment, Reiki, Pranic healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu.

We regularly attend many prestigious events and exhibitions throughout the UK and Europe . We also organise aura workshops, Aura cleansing courses, talks, lectures and demonstrations.

If you have any aura related questions or if you would like to book Aura Photo Clinic for any of the above events, or just a sitting, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you.


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Aura Photo enables you to know yourself through colours. Aura colors can reveal information about …

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