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Emanating from our physical and subtle body is a collection of electromagnetic energies, of varying densities, whose particles are suspended around , and penetrate, the body in an oval-shaped energy field . When we feel well in body, heart and mind, this ‘auric egg’ extends an average of a metre from the body, including above the head and below the feet. However, the aura is directly influenced by thoughts and feelings. Our history affects the field, which in turn affects the physical body. In the presence of illness or negative thoughts, the field will shrink and easily collapse, leaving the physical body weak and vulnerable. The aura determines the quality of our well being.
Each subtle body is a layer of the field with its own frequency an translucent colour, giving us the capacity to feel, to think, and to experience our divinity. The physical body is the vehicle for Being to express itself through action, with its etheric body hugging it like an invisible vest, the emotional body is where Being expresses itself as feeling, the mental body allows Being to know itself through thought and the spiritual body is the container for that which we truly know ourselves to be (and have temporarily forgotten). Our subtle bodies are as real and vital as our physical body, the difference lies in our perception of the density. So now let us look at the physical body, followed by the four most significant dimensions in the subtle realm, the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies which make up the aura.
Courtesy – Phillippa Lubbock (Life Alignment)