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Aura Photo enables you to know yourself through colours. Aura colors can reveal information about your Wellbeing.


A majority of young children and teenagers especially boys, have bright red auras.
Desire, vitality, power, the urge to win, to have success, intensity of experience, action, doing, love of sports, struggle, competition, force of will, leadership, strength, courage, passion, eroticism,earthiness, practicality.
Red symbolizes life, vitality, strength and the physical nature of man.


Orange controls the area of the aura around the spleen. A lack of orange in the aura means that you may need stimulation, perhaps go out and enjoy yourself socially and feel your vitality return.


Controls the digestive processes of the body and the intellectual faculties of the mind. You may be working too hard. Yellow is also an optimistic colour, like sunshine, stop worrying and think positive – everything will be fine.


Green is associated with the area around the heart and a need for this colour indicates that you would benefit from relating to your innermost feelings. Express yourself and seek the power of Nature.


A lack of blue means that you need to slow down and concentrate on your body and mind. Try relaxing with some music or take a soak in a nice bath.


Perhaps you could understand yourself better if you wrote down your dreams and interpreted what they are trying to tell you.


Forget your worries for a while and focus on the better things in life.


Brown is a strong colour- the colour of the Earth. You would benefit most by concentrating on practical solutions to your problems.


Black is the absence of light. It can act as a protective shield around the aura if you’re feeling over sensitive.


Mix of all colours. A strong connection with the divine. Clear conduit for spiritual healing energy.